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Some of the emails Sent to us by People Accredited by our Institutions.



St. U.N.I.E.C. Professors and other staff,

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to you, for making my dream come true. I have worked for over 10 years in my current field of business management without being promoted. I have seen my fellow colleagues all get promoted and me being left behind, all because of me not having a college degree. This made me so upset, because sometimes I was more qualified and had more experience than they, but they got the promotion all because I lack an college degree. And now that I have obtained my degree from UNIEC I have finally gotten that promotion that was long overdue.

Once again I want to say thanks for making my dream a reality, and to the efficient staff I say thanks just for being there and answering all of my question.

Thank you,

Doug P. Alamby




Dearest all in the United Nations International Educational Center,

I do not have words to explain my appreciation for your service. I could not afford to go to study in college when I was younger and although I had worked doing the same exact work as others in my Organization, I was part of the group that was nicknamed "the working ants" because we belong to the group hired as "G" category and my supervisors are the "queen ants" under the "P" (Professional) contract working less than us and because they have a College degree THEY GET PAID MORE THAN DOUBLE AND GET FREE SCHOOLING FOR THEIR KIDS AND OTHER ADVANTAGES. Now I belong to "their kind" under a "Professional" contract. Getting the degree from you was the best move I EVER made in my life. Thank you!!! (Please do not show my name, only initials if you ever publish my letter in you website).


Democratic Republic of Congo



Hello UNIEC,

My career has been at a stand-still for the last 6 years. I always felt inferior to my colleagues at work because I lack a college education, but I knew I had the technical know  how  and training to get the job done. Since obtaining my multiple degree package ( Bachelor's and Master's) I have gotten promoted twice and now earn a six figure salary annually.

The best part is the look on my friends faces when they see what I now make and my double promotion in just 1 year, as they all laugh at me when I thought of getting a Life Experience degree because they all went to conventional college.

This has been a tremendous accomplishment for me, all because of UNIEC.

Bravo to St. UNIEC!!!!!


Jean-Pierre C. Vincent




UNIEC, I would like to say thank-you for enabling me to fulfil my dreams.  It was very frustrating seeing other newcomers get promoted because of a paper that says they know more, they had no experience and I kept being ignored when I applied for promotion. With the degree I got from you in Criminal Justice I am now finally able to get that promotion to Manager Level and make the money I deserve.

Thanks a Million!!

Sarah Howards-Black



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