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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use the United Nations International Educational Centre as a reference in my curriculum vitae?

Yes you can use us as reference, as a reference letter is included with your Diploma package.

Can I get additional copies of my Diploma package?

Yes you can and it is a free service.

Are your Degrees accredited by the Internet Educational Centers Association?

Yes, all our Educational Programs are accredited by the I.E.C.A. and we are listed in their website as an accredited Institution.

Are you directly affiliated with UNESCO , UNICEF or any other United Nations Agency?

Some of our alumni are members of those United Nations Organizations but there is no direct link between the United Nations International Educational Center and those United Nations agencies.

Can I have my diploma be sent to me by email (digitally scanned) so I can print it here or send it to my employer?

All UNIEC Diplomas are sent by exclusively by email, physical diplomas can be printed directly with high quality at your end.

Do you have a gift shop online were I can purchase t-shirts, rings or other items with the UNIEC?

Yes, although we cannot confirm that the particular item you are looking for will be in our stock. Our gift shop carries a full variety of rings, letter openers, t-shirts, paper weights, pens, etc. the link to the website will be included in your package and you will need to provide your student identity number (also included in your Degree package) in order  to allow you access to the gift shop website.